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Old Stories

by Dear Kavalier

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Best/Worst 04:30
I’m more of a social moth I hide and wait for others to come Searching through the dark I would be content forever If I never had to show you What is buried in my heart But it seeps out through my pores I feel it coursing through my veins And it eats my flesh away Until I’m disgusted by the sight of these bones I want to be a better man I want to live with all the virtue I was taught to represent But the best of hearts aside I fear that the worst in him Has become the worst in me We’re only heroes until we’re exposed Then we’re equals, maybe less, or we’re just sad and alone As I bury my dark passenger I pray there’s nothing left How can I value human life if I can’t find the value of my own? I can’t tell the difference between Who I am and who I swore I’d never be If it makes any difference I swear I’d fight before I let it get the best of me Maybe we’re all fucked in ways that we don’t know yet But honestly, who am I to think I’m any better? I’m so bent on forging my own pathway That I can’t see the shadow bastard Creeping in and under my skin
We were sworn to each other faithfully and gracefully To break away from our past set out alone We're not as innocent as we used to be But maybe nothing ever stays that pure anymore I'll be the wings that you never knew you needed I'll be the lark whose song will sing you to sleep at night I'll take you anywhere that you would ever want to go We've seen what it takes to make it And we're making the best of what we have And we're not alone We'll surround ourselves with the energies To fight these restless legs and swollen insides I’m sure there's hope there after all Here's to the last time that we'll fall We've seen our darkest place And we know how to dig ourselves back out now We've done our best now after all We've seen our darkest place And we know how to keep ourselves back out now Who said we'd never get it right?
In 28 more years I’ll be dead and buried And carried on from here You’ll be alone or you’ll have moved on This house we made our home Will bear it’s boarded windows and grass that’s overgrown It will fill with dust and they’ll forget about us In 28 more years you’ll be weeping over The kids we never had Who would they become when they had grown up? The plans that we once made Will bear to witness that I never should have stayed We’re buried in regret and a mountain of debt Oh my god, I’ve lost more than What little faith I had left in you Now the only thing I pray for Is a quick and easy break from this place Because we’re all depraved and god knows I don’t think anyone deserves anything anymore So render me aimless, consider me absent, and call me insincere Becuse there are no words in me And there is no hope in me We’re all destined to burn sometime
When you broke our plans To leave town with all of our friends I was left out of all of your inside jokes To catch up in pictures that you took And its all that I have now You always had the higher opinion Like when you said that I barely knew that girl But she's here for me now And where are you? I always thought that our friendship Could span the width of the country But I think we lost something between state lines That's something else I don't think we can make right Because its all gone now I based myself on what I thought would please you But I always fell too many steps behind So I'll live for me now And who the hell are you? I've lived for so long Under the impression that my friends can do no wrong Because everybody loves you Or they just want to be you But you're so goddamn intimidating With your master's degree in douchebaggery
The doorbell rings at 5am again, but it's not who you'd expect It's a man in dark blue slacks and a badge to match He says, "I'm sorry to come her like this, miss, But I've come to take him in There's been an incident and the evidence points here." In the back room the last shot's chambered He screams, "I'd rather go out than go with them! Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye..." She screams, she screams, "How could you let this happen?" The hole in his head has left a bigger hole in the family What about the child he didn't know she bears? How could she bear to watch him grow up without his daddy? So she dries her tears and she disappears How the hell can she live with what he left her When despair is all she has? So goodnight, goodnight Hope your sweet dreams see you off well It's so awful to know that you're waking up nightly In cold sweat screaming his name How could he leave this all on you? Now you'd rather give up than see this through So you'll take these pills and utter your last goodbye Goodbye
Tiptoeing these shorelines Waiting for a ghost to come And shake me from this blank stare I've been wearing the past fifteen years We'll all be fine In this plane crash world we've founded Where hope divides Our willingness to thrive If we all subscribe the same What a dull place this would be Where there's no room for clemency You're overconfident in dealing absolutes With fear and control disguising as love You're so sure that we're all So absolutely wrong Slipping from this bloodline Begging me to stop questioning Then plans you had for my life Return, repent, reclaim what was when But I'll be fine In fact I'm better off alone here Where faith divides What's wrong from what is right It's so goddamn heartbreaking I think we all find our own truth In scattered memories and fading youth Maybe if we just wait a while We'll find that it all comes down to nothing But if its fighting loneliness Then maybe it's all for the best If we live and let live before we all die This isn't how it should be Think of what it could be if we tried To live and let live before we all die
The Altruist 03:36
If this is what it takes to be forgiven Then this is what I’ll do to stay alive I was born to disappoint This tragedy is bleak Who will be left weeping here for me? I doubt I’ll ever feel secure again If there’s anyone who’s got More to give than me But I’ll stay and bear this and hope That we never make the same mistakes They’re just old stories now anyway In the best interest of everyone but me I’ll bow my head and step back graciously I’ll make my bed where dead girls lie And hope for better dreams For them, for you, and for me I’ll make my bed where dead girls lie And sleep
The Egotist 03:04
When the Good Lord says its done then its done When the Good Lord says you're gone then you're gone When the Good Lord says its all wrapped up And he gives his gift, fills us up with hope Takes it back again He takes it back again When the good wife says she's done then she's done When the good wife says she's gone then she's gone When the good wife's shit is all packed up And she takes these kids and she leaves her note She'll be back again But will she be back again? She's gone But will she be back again? Oh God, I've lost everything


Destruction. Reclamation. Repair.
Dancing between the literal and the hypothetical, Old Stories, the first full length album by Dear Kavalier, features songs about taking back what time and hardship have erode, dealing with the struggles of personal identity and a marriage that nearly didn't survive.


released August 25, 2013

All songs, vocals, and instrumentation by Shaun Fox
Drums and percussion on all tracks by Ryan Morris

Written & Produced by Dear Kavalier
Engineered by Ryan Morris
Mixed & Mastered by Nate Howell

Artwork by Terra Fox

2013 Caffeinated Mammal

Special thank you to my wife, Terra, and my cousin, Ben. Without the love, support, patience, and occasional push, Dear Kavalier wouldn't exist.


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Dear Kavalier Hickory, North Carolina

Indie/emo outfit established 2010

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